“Ask me about them”

What Josh Mailman, a leader in
socially responsible investing,
has to say about PRIDE Diamonds:

Mr. Mailman has helped start several grantmaking foundations and philanthropic business initiatives since the early 1980s, including the Threshold Foundation and the Social Venture Network, which brings together private investors, company founders and social entrepreneurs with a shared commitment to create a more just and sustainable society through business. He co-founded Business for Social Responsibility in 1992, now one of the largest national organizations focused on promoting business and social responsibility simultaneously. Mr. Mailman is a trustee of the Sigrid Rausing Trust, an advisor to the Rudolf Steiner Foundation, and a board member of the Mailman Foundation. In addition to the Fund, Mr. Mailman serves on the boards of Human Rights Watch, Witness, Sierra Madre Alliance, Blacksmith Institute, Afropop Worldwide, and the Environmental Defenders Law Center.

"I am helping to create a program to support Muslim Social Entrepreneurs in the Middle East, and a new investment fund called Sirius Change, to do cutting edge social investments. Recent investments (and mostly SVN companies!) include Baltix Designs, Pride Diamonds, Giftworks, Kopali Organics, Forestrade, Generous Returns, Atlas Capital, Napo Pharmaceutical, Bracnet, Econergy, Bio Resources International, Cempra Pharmaceutical, and Distributed Capital. They are all cool - ask me about them! I love tribal cultures and art, great ideas that can change the game."

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