PRIDE Diamonds

A socially responsible diamond company
is a good investment

The wholesale price of diamonds, like most hard commodities, is on the rise. This is particularly true of rough diamonds, according to The Rough Guide industry trade sheet. The sale of cut diamonds is also expanding, showing an 8.2 percent growth in the United States retail trade in 2004. So any investment in a diamond mining company
today may be wise. PRIDE further believes that the time is particularly ripe for a socially responsible diamond company. Consumers are increasingly concerned about the effect their purchases have around the world, and are looking to ensure that their dollars are encouraging just and fair trade. The diamond trade in particular has been under scrutiny for the role "blood diamonds" are believed to have played in encouraging violent conflict in Africa.

"Ask me about them"
Josh Mailman, President of Sirius Business Corporation and a leader in socially responsible investing, says about PRIDE Diamonds
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